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At ASCIO , we understand how critical fully functioning wireless and wired networks are to your business operations. Choosing the right company to upgrade or design a network is an important decision. To ensure that your network infrastructure is always performing at its peak level, we offer comprehensive design and installation of network systems, as well as networking and wireless technical support. We specialize in design and installation of large and small scale wired and wireless infrastructure projects. Founded in 2000, ASCIO is a leading system integration company delivering businesses of all industries with first class voice, data, video, POS, and wireless technology solutions. We specialize in the design and installation of custom structured network cabling, wireless site surveys and installations, and wireless infrastructure for both small-scale and large-scale projects. ASCIO has a strong reputation throughout North America as a high quality system integration company providing excellent customer service, products, and solutions at an affordable price. Discover how ASCIO earned that reputation.

ASCIO Site Surveys

ASCIO site surveys are of considerable importance to wireless network design and deployment for both new and existing networks. It is important to survey the site properly during upgrades and new builds. ASCIO Wireless professionals use the latest industry tools and techniques to carefully map the radio frequency characteristics throughout the intended network site. This process provides customers with highly detailed documentation of all survey findings prior to beginning the network design phase, identifying and solving potential problems. View our ASCIO site survey page for additional information.

Become a Beta Test Site

Improving wireless networking technology requires experimenting and testing the limits of new and emerging wireless technologies. As an industry leading system integration company, ASCIO strives to stay on top of the latest in wireless technologies. To achieve this, we employ our Beta Test Program. The program allows us to test new ASCIO technologies in real-world environments to assess readiness for commercial release, providing customers with an exciting opportunity to be a part of the process. Please contact ASCIO if you think your site would like to participate in a future beta testing program.

ASCIO Networking Support

What happens if a network goes down? We understand how critical fully functioning wireless networks are to a business and its operations. To ensure that your wireless network infrastructure is always performing at its peak level, we offer comprehensive networking support. Our network support services include wireless technical support, refurbishment services, out of warranty repairs, and equipment rental. Please see our ASCIO support page for additional information about our wireless support services.

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