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Choose a company with experience and knowledge in order to save time and money for years to come. Established in 2000, ASCIO Wireless is an industry leading network system integration company with corporate offices located outside of Boston as well as a satellite office in Springfield, MA. Our company provides businesses throughout the community with expert communication and network infrastructure management solutions. We stay up-to-date on technologies as they pertain to the industry to ensure we are delivering each business we serve with the most advanced in networking services, including voice, data, video, POS and wireless solutions. In addition to wireless expertise, we also specialize in the design and installation of custom network cabling solutions, including data cabling, voice cabling and fiber optic cabling. No matter what your network requirements may be, ASCIO Wireless has the skills and experience to provide you with customized network solutions that will work best for your individual business. From the initial consultation and network design process to installation and final approval, the team at ASCIO Wireless will be with you as your trusted IT partner every step of the way.

We provide network solutions for a variety of projects and project sizes, from small, one location business projects to large, multi-site national rollout projects. Our network techniques also translate well across a wide range of organizations, including the following:

  • Government Entities
  • Corporate Sites
  • Retail Stores
  • Enterprise Application Deployment
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Libraries, Schools, and Universities
  • Cities and Towns
  • Hospitality Industry
  • CLECs
  • ISPs

To learn more about professional wireless network and cabling solutions for your business, contact ASCIO Wireless at 781-762-0200 or via email Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding our customized networking solutions.

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